Great EDTC Debates – Round 1

This debate on whether or not technology enhances learning is a very interesting one. I do think that Jocelyn, unfortunately, was fighting a losing battle because I do not think anyone could disagree with the fact that technology does help us improve teaching and learning (she did a great job though). I did like the point Logan made about technology being things such as whiteboards or pencils, and it doesn’t necessarily mean digital technology. I think the main issue is making sure we are using the RIGHT technologies and at the right time. We also need to make sure they are not becoming more of a distraction than an actual tool for enhancing learning. Just like Jocelyns article point out “technologies are without a doubt appropriate for certain cases, but a “reliance on these technologies may actually result in decreased student interest and participation, increased distraction, decreased classroom participation, and increased complexity of knowledge dissemination”. With that being said, when reading Logans article on the benefits of technology in schools, the one that really stood out to me was that it is engaging. As teachers we always want our students to be engaged and the fact is, almost every student is familiar with using technology, and so using it for learning is a great tool for engagement.

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On the topic of teaching Google-able facts, I think both presenters made a lot of really great points, but I do believe that it still is important to do that. I liked the point that Sarah M made about what kinds of things we would need to ditch such as History, and just because students CAN Google something, doesn’t mean they will. Her article also points out the benefits an importance of memorization. As they put it “Knowing facts helps us to place other problems into context and access higher order thinking skills”. However, I do believe that learning WHY things the way they are in certain situations is more beneficial than just teaching students facts to memorize. As well, I do agree that IQ is not always the most important thing in life and that we do not spend enough time thinking about emotional intelligence EQ. In the end though, I just confused myself because technically everything is Google-able so I was not able to see where the line was or what we should or shouldn’t teach (and as I was typing this Jesse brought up the exact same argument). My brain hurts.

1 thought on “Great EDTC Debates – Round 1

  1. Hey Caleb,
    I agree with you that the main issue with using tech in class is how the teacher integrated it. I like how Logan gave guidelines on integrative tech, like SAMR and TPACK.


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