The Schools Role in the Age of the Internet

This weeks class was extremely interesting as we looked at the impacts technology has had on our lives and in our world. The debate we had on “should we move back to a time before the internet” was really the highlight. Although I do not think anyone would genuinely be willing to admit that they would want to give up on the internet, it did raise a lot of really important topics and issues that our technological and “connected” world has created, and they are especially important to consider as teachers.

One of the big questions we have to consider is how much school should be responsible for teaching and preparing students for this new world we live in. While of course, we are not our students parents, and we should not decide for them how they should use their technology, I do think we should be responsible for teaching students how to navigate the internet and teaching them about digital literacy.

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It honestly is crazy to think how fast technology has grown on the planet, and especially in schools, I think it really took people by surprise, and forced them to adapt quickly. Near the beginning I think the main focus for teachers and schools was to do everything they could to take cell-phones out of the hands of students and we still do see this today. On the other hand, many schools have learned to embrace these devices over the years, and we even see them being used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.

As we discussed in class, students are only getting younger and younger when they get their first device. What this means is that not only is it becoming harder to keep under control, but it also means that it is becoming so much more important that we begin teaching students about the dangers on the internet, especially because for many students, no one else is going to do it for them.

1 thought on “The Schools Role in the Age of the Internet

  1. Hi Caleb!
    I love the way you started out your post. Acknowledging that it is unlikely any of us would actually be willing to give up the internet was really powerful and a great hook. It crazy to see how much time we spend online when we step back and look at our screen time. I completely agree that schools should be responsible for teaching digital literacy. We cannot just assume that because kids are online they know what they are doing and how to properly navigate online platforms and information. Great insights.


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