Reflecting on Social Media and #SaskEdChat

As you may recall from one of my previous posts, Social Media has never been a big part of my life and in fact, I made the decision over a year ago to cut it out of my daily life. With that being said, I did also talk about in my introductory post that one of my goals though this course is to start looking at social media not as a “time-waster”, but instead through the lens of a teacher, who is able to utilize Social Media to build a community and gain knowledge from others.

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Of course, one of the ways I can do both of those things is through the SaskEdChat. This was my second time being able to participate in these discussions and what I must say, is that I forgot just how much knowledge I was able to gain from just spending an hour in the chat. I think one of the most amazing things was seeing the diversity and unique perspectives that each person was able to bring to the discussion. From my fellow classmates, to teachers who have been in the profession for many years, each person added so much insight into the questions that were asked.

Another aspect that stuck out to me, was just being able to talk about such an important topic, that being around mental health. I believe that bringing these topics out in the open and not being afraid to discuss them is crucial, especially as educators who are going to deal with many students, each with their own unique situations. Being able to talk about these topics I think is one of Social Medias biggest benefits, especially in our current situation with Covid. However, I think it is important to point out that the we need to be careful not to leave these conversations on Social Media, and that there needs to be action that goes with our words.

Overall, I had a great time participating in the SaskEdChat and it has shown me once again, just how Social Media can be used to benefit us as teachers, through collaboration and discussion. Once again, if you would like to connect on Twitter you can follow the link here.

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Social Media and #SaskEdChat

  1. I agree with you that I want to shift my current use of social media and technology. It reminds me of something my dad used to tell me, “use your magic box for good and not evil”. I like this quote because it is a reminder to think about before posting, or even while just scrolling aimlessly through different feeds. Great blog post!


  2. I love your point about the importance of shifting our thoughts about social media being a waste of time to instead see how it can be used as an educational tool. There is so much good that can come from social media, especially as a teacher! I am interested to find out if you will continue to cut social media out of your daily life after this class. Great post!


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