How Do You See Me Online?

Looking at the topic of having a professional online identity is crucial. Social media in particular has become a massive part of our world and I have heard it been said many times that it is one of the first places employers will look when considering you for a job. Obviously, this makes complete sense due to the fact that our social media accounts are a way of revealing how we want others to see us. It also reveals our values, beliefs and attitudes towards other people and the world.

I must say that this topic about being aware of what we do on social media is not a new one to me. I was involved in soccer for over 10 years of my life, and as I began to get older and the potential for universities and scouts to gain interest increased, I had coaches and other professional speakers who would talk to me and my teammates about this exact thing. I would say that I have always been cautious about the things I do on social media and making sure that what I wanted to be seen was seen and that my more personal accounts stayed private (even though I am still cautious about what I post on both).

With all that being said, social media has never been a large part of my life, and for the last year or two, I have, for the most part, stayed completely off of it. I would however still like to be aware of how others view me online, and I am reminded of my EDTC 300 experience where we were asked to google ourselves and see what things showed up and I would once again like to make this a reminder to myself to do that often. I would also like to challenge myself going forward to look at social media as a place for building my professional identity as a teacher. This will not only be helpful when future employers want to look me up, but it will also be a useful tool for me as a teacher to provide me with resources and a community of other professionals that I can lean on.

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