Critical Summary Intro – Place-Based Curriculum

When I began looking through the list of possible topics and concepts, the one that really caught my eye was Place-based curriculum. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but just seeing the name of made me interested and curious to see what it was all about. When I began looking into it, I knew that this was a topic that I would really enjoy exploring because it reminded me of another class that I am taking this semester, which is Outdoor Ed. In that class, we are able to explore all the benefits, skills, knowledge and opportunities students can gain from just experiencing things outdoors. Outdoor Ed I feel directly relates to the concept and theory of place-based curriculum, and I am excited to keep exploring what it could actually look like within schools.

Place-based education as I understand it from a quick search is allowing students to explore and collaborate with their community. This allows them to ask questions and find answers to things that they are familiar with, whether it be a topic within their community or a major event that is happening around the world, and because of that, it will mean so much more to the students. This way of looking into curriculum was something that for the most part, I was completely unfamiliar with. The more I look into it though, the more I realize just how many people are believers in this model, and have committed their time to help other people see the benefits of it.

Going forward, the main things I need to do are to research more about the curriculum scholars in this area and find what each of them is saying about place-based curriculum. Next, I need to find the big ideas and determine the pros and cons of this approach, while also finding the answers to the questions laid out for us in the outline, which include:

  • What does this concept/topic mean?
  • How does this curriculum scholar define this topic?
  • Where do these texts converge/diverge?
  • Considering what we have read/discussed in class, what is this text missing? What do the others offer?

Through this critical summary, I hope to get a better understanding of place-based education, and whether or not it could become a practical and great new way to view curriculum.

3 thoughts on “Critical Summary Intro – Place-Based Curriculum

  1. This seems like a good topic for you seeing as it is connected to what you are interested in. The fact that you have prior knowledge on the topic is going to make it even better in the end. It seems like you already have a good grasp on it as well.


  2. This sounds like a great start Caleb! The topic you have chosen sounds very interesting and I’d like to learn more about it myself! I look forward to hearing about your topic as you do more research!


  3. I think this is a great idea for your paper! From reading your post about this topic, I am interested in the different ways that a place-based curriculum could be incorporated in the classroom. I think it is important for teachers to look at resources outside of the classroom and get out into the community with their students to explore and learn. This could be great for subjects like outdoor ed as you have mentioned, and other social and sciences. When students are actively learning in outdoor environments, it can benefit students immensely. It can give students new ideas and a new sense of learning, rather than just sitting in a classroom. I am interested in what some more pros and cons of this model of curriculum include. Also some specific examples of the place-based curriculum.


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