“How have you contributed to the learning of others?”

This is the question we all knew we would be asked at the end of the year, and the time has come to show what we have. To start, I will talk about my experience with networking, from where I was before, to where I am now when it comes to Twitter and blogging. After I will share how I was able to help others in their learning.


Coming in, Twitter was not something I really used, other than to follow sports accounts and YouTubers. It was something I would mindlessly scroll through when I was bored and never took anything out of the experience. This class has changed how I see the platform now and has made me realize just how useful it is for teachers. I have not only gained so much from others, but I also feel like I am able to help others as well. I was even referenced in an article for Education and World Today when sharing a resource on critical thinking. This was really cool to see and shows just how quickly you can begin networking with others, even those you don’t know. Below are a few examples of how I was able to help others through Twitter:

Showing Mr. Smith that he may not have to keep hoping for long!

Sharing some important advice that I was taught


Sharing a neat activity/ game that I found

Mentioned in Dr. Frank Clint’s article

“Education and World Today”

My next experience was with blogging, which I had no experience or knowledge of AT ALL coming into the class. With that being said, I have found that it was another fun way to network and help others out, and I really enjoyed the experience. Here are some examples of how I helped others when it came to blogging.

Teaching guitar through videos and charts

Teaching guitar through pictures and descriptions


Helping Bruce in “The War Against Fake News”

Giving Alexa some advice on how to play a tough chord

Showing Ben a resource to help him kick off his learning project

This class has helped me grow as an educator a tremendous amount, And I plan to hold onto everything I have learned about networking, and how learning should be a two-way road. I hope I truly have helped others throughout this class, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

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