Coding Made Fun!

This week in EDTC we explored a few different websites that taught coding in fun and interesting ways. Going in I was pretty nervous about hearing the word coding, because I know that is the kind of stuff my brother does and it can get super complicated. With that being said, I really enjoyed doing this activity. The website I chose was called, which is a great resource. It has full courses for teaching coding if you wanted to use it throughout a whole school year, but the section I used was called “Hour of Code” which is exactly what the title says. They have hundreds, maybe even thousands of coding activities for every grade level. They also make it really fun as you can do Minecraft, Star Wars, and many more themed challenges. The one I chose was one that was mentioned in class and was probably done by a few others, but it was called “Flappy Code”. In it, you get to go step by step to create your own unique Flappy Bird game! You can customize the sounds you make, the background, the obstacles, and even the player you play with. Below is my step by step process showing you how I did, with a video of my final product:

Here is the link to my end product if you would like to play for yourself!! (Warning, you may get addicted to the game all over again)

What I learned through this experience was that coding can be made fun and simple. I loved that it promoted creativity and problem-solving skills that I think are super important when it comes to a classroom environment. I am not so sure that a full course on coding would be really necessary unless someone wanted to use it as a special credit or it was for a specific coding class, but I really like the idea of doing the Hour of Code activities for the reasons I listed above. I am still not good at coding in any form, and if I tried to do the things my brother did, I would probably end up crying in a corner. With that being said, I had a lot of fun doing those activities, and I know students would as well. That is why I feel that this will end up in my classroom at some point down the line.

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