Learning Journey #4 – Taking a Stab at Tabs

This week, I decided that instead of letting other people tell me what to play, it was about time that I got to chose what I wanted to play. Because of that, I decided to learn how to read tablature, otherwise known as ‘tabs’.

When you first look at a tab sheet, it just looks like a bunch of lines random lines and letters, but it turns out, it isn’t as complicated as it seems:

Example of a Tab

Photo Credit: sonicdeviant Flickr via Compfight cc

To learn how to play Tabs, I turned to a few different sources. The first was from the website GuitarLessons.com, which have a large selection of free lessons and tutorials for all things related to guitar. The specific page I ended up on, was, of course, their lesson on How To Read Guitar Tabs, which was super helpful as it had a written explanation with diagrams, as well as a video to help explain it further. This YouTube video was one that I also enjoyed because it put it into really basic language.

Once I had an idea of how to read tabs, the next step was to choose what tune I wanted to play. I had a bit of trouble deciding what to play but figured that I might as well pay tribute to the greatest show ever created: The Office.

The tab I used from the website Ultimate Guitar, which I used a lot when I first began playing guitar, as it was super easy to find chords for pretty much any song I could think of. This website also has tabs for many songs, and luckily I was able to find The Office Theme on there.

I will admit, this one took a bit of time to learn, as The Office theme song is really fast-paced and uses most of the strings, but I was eventually able to figure it out. I may have slowed it down just a bit for the sake of my sanity, but overall, I was impressed with the end product. I hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Learning Journey #4 – Taking a Stab at Tabs

  1. Awesome that you finally get to play something that you enjoy, obviously not as fun doing “Hot Cross Buns” but I guess you have to start somewhere right. Anyways, it sounded great and I can’t wait to see what you play next!


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