YouTube in Classrooms – An Ideal World

This week I teamed up with my pal Karter Lafontaine, where we had a fake parent-teacher conversation about the use of Youtube in schools. We decided in our “school”, students had access to Youtube, and Karter (The parent/ grey text) had concerns with Me (The teacher/ blue text) allowing it. I also wanted to use some of the conversations we had in class about teaching students internet safety as well as the extensions we were shown for Youtube such as DF Tube, that makes being on the website safer for students. The whole idea was for this conversation to be the ideal scenario for schools, where they make sure they do everything they can to make sure students are safe online, but also not just blocking every website because we can’t trust our students (which is what my school did).

The fact is, our students are going to be using these sites like YouTube outside of school, so I feel that educators need to teach kids how to be safe and smart on them while they are in school. I agree schools should do everything they can to make the websites as safe as possible, but I don’t feel like blocking them completely is going to teach the students any lessons. With that being said, here is my “conversation” with Karter Lafontain on Youtube in schools:


Concerned Parent/ Grey Text:  Karter Lafontaine

Teacher/ Blue Text: Caleb Lueck (Shameless Plug)

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