All About Twitter

This week we began exploring Twitter and looking into how educators can utilize it in their professional growth and even in their own classrooms. Before taking this class, I never really saw Twitter as anything more than a social media platform for people to share memes and update us on their lives 24/7. Because of this, it was never something I was interested in using. This class has opened me up to a whole new side of the platform, though, and it has shown me just how useful the website can be for me as an educator.

On Thursday, we got the opportunity to participate in the #saskedchat which was hosted by Kelly Christopherson (@kellywchris on Twitter). This was a really great experience as myself and my classmates were able to share our own thoughts on topics related to pre-service teachers, such as what kind of support we would like to see offered. I was very glad to take part in that, as it was good to be given a voice on the various topics relating directly to us. Below is a screenshot of what that experience looked like:

Sask Ed Chat

Sask Ed Chat was just one example of how Twitter can connect us as educators, but there is so much more it can do for us, and I am glad that this class has opened my eyes to those things. It is one of the many resources that we can utilize and it’s just one more example of how we don’t need to feel like we are alone as teachers. If we are willing to take the time to dig around a bit, there is a seemingly infinite amount of help and support at our fingertips.

Looking at Twitter and just social media in general inside a classroom context, I feel like it is something that will definitely be gaining a lot of traction over the next few years, and it is already starting to be seen. Twitter has so many uses in a classroom, from resource sharing to posting announcements and reminders, to just being an open place to ask questions and share your thoughts. With that being said, as with all forms of social media, it is something that will definitely need to be monitored, and if not used carefully, can cause more problems than solutions.

Overall, I believe Twitter could possibly become one of the greatest resources educators can use, both in our classrooms, as well as in our own professional growth. (Of course, there will still also be some memes from time to time.)

I have linked my Twitter once before, but again if you would like to connect with me on Twitter @CalebLueck, I would be happy to do so!

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