Learning Journey #2 – Back to the Basics

Thank you for joining me in my first week of learning fingerstyle guitar! Like I mentioned in my introductory post, I felt like it was important to start from the basics so that I build a solid foundation to work off of. To do this, I went to YouTube and discovered an amazing channel called Andy Guitar, who has an amazing twelve-part series on fingerstyle guitar for beginners.

The first four videos are posted on his YouTube channel, while the rest of the series can be found for free on the Andy Guitar App, which is available for both IOS and Android.

While I will be using various different sources for my learning journey, this series is something that I will be really focusing on as it provides a step by step progression which I find is very easy to follow. If you would like to check out another channel, I recommend going to Guitar Lessons channel who also has a great video on how to play fingerstyle guitar

With that being said, I began by starting with the first video which focuses on many different topics (which I have described in detail below), but by the end of the lesson,  will teach you how to play a classic beginner song: Hot Cross Buns

Time Stamps:

Hot Cross Buns: Bars 1 & 2 (1:26 – 3:27)

Rhythm and Beats (3:28 – 4:57)

Hot Cross Buns: Bar 3 and 4 (4:58 – 5:41)

Hand/ Finger Positioning (5:42 – 7:52)

Refresher/ Final Tips (7:53 – 10:34)

Below is my video of me playing Hot Cross Buns. I hope that by the end you are enlightened and have found a new and greater meaning for life. I appreciate you tuning in and I hope to have you back here next week! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Learning Journey #2 – Back to the Basics

  1. It’s great that because of this class you have more motivation to go back to the guitar since as you said you were taking lessons and had to stop because of finals in grade 12. The hot cross buns sounds top notch, seems like your learning project is going good so far!


  2. Caleb,
    Your hot cross buns sounds so good! I also enjoyed how you used a video of you doing it. Within my learning project I also included a video and felt very vulnerable doing so, just because as we are learning we are prone to make mistakes. Can’t wait to continue following your journey!

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  3. Awesome job Caleb! Playing guitar is not an easy task. I attempted to learn last year but I just did not have a great enough desire to stick with it. Although I never continued, I found an app that helped me along my journey, and I was starting with zero experience! The app I used was called ‘Yousician’ and it went through step by step, and there are different levels, as well as hundreds of songs to follow along to. I would highly recommend looking into this app!

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  4. Caleb, you seem very comfortable playing Hot Crossed Buns! It’s really great that this class motivated you to get back to playing guitar. I am doing something similar with ukulele! I can’t wait to see how the rest of your journey goes. Good luck!


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