The Start of Something New!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Caleb James Lueck, and welcome to my blogging journey! To begin, I think it is necessary that I let you know a bit about my current self, as well as my experience with blogging and educational technology.

I am currently enrolled at the University of Regina, planning to receive my Secondary Education Degree. My major and minor field of choice is Mathematics and Physical Education, respectively. My reason for choosing those areas was that they were the two things I not just excelled in during High school, but also really enjoyed, which I believe is important when choosing a career.

As you can see from the picture, there are a few main things that I wrote down, that I believe give a good, brief summary of who I am. As mentioned before, math is an area of interest for me and even when I was unsure of what I wanted to pursue in post-secondary, I knew it would be math-related. I am also the youngest of three kids, with an older brother and sister, who have been incredible role models for me. Soccer is something I am not currently involved in anymore, but for over 10 years of my life, it became a huge part of my identity. Next on the list is Harvest City, which was the school I attended from Pre-K through till graduation, and while there may be downsides to that, I created a lot of life-long relationships. Finally, I am very much a dog person, but all animals are pretty great.

When looking at technology, it is something that I have very little experience with and that becomes is even less when talking about educational technology. I have used resources such as YouTube to help me when I’ve struggled to learn a concept in math, but anything having to do with building a community or creating an online presence, I have little-to-no experience with. With that being said, I see the importance of doing those things, especially as our world becomes more technology-focused.

If you yourself would like to help me on my journey, you can follow me on my Twitter (@CalebLueck), and I would be excited to connect with you!

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