Learning Journey #1: Thanks For ‘Tuning’ In!

Welcome to my learning journey! I’m excited to track my own growth throughout this process, and I also hope you are able to take something out of it yourself (even if that is just enjoyment from seeing me struggle). Over the next few weeks, I will be using various sources (mainly online) in order to hopefully learn the acoustic guitar!

Guitar 1

Photo Credit: ruifo Flickr via Compfight cc

It is no surprise that music has become such a big interest for me as I come from a very musically inclined family. My father leads worship at our church, my mother plays guitar, my brother plays the piano, and my sister sings and is currently taking piano lessons. Because of this, I have grown up surrounded by music, and the guitar was always something that interested me the most. With that being said, I was never really able to pursue it as I was heavily involved in soccer for most of my life.

I do have some experience with guitar, as I took lessons during my first part of grade 12. When finals came around though, I decided to take a break, but since then, I never really returned. I still have some knowledge of the basic chords, but other than that, most of what I have learned has been lost on me. For that reason, I think it is best that I start back at the bottom. Through this, I hope to strengthen what I already know, and then start to build off of it into the more advanced areas.

Because I have a shorter amount of time for this class, I want to narrow down my focus. For this, I am choosing the play style that most interests me, and that is fingerstyle. It is a more difficult skill to learn than just strumming, but once you start getting the hang of it, there is a lot of really cool things you can do with it and I love the sounds you can create.

It has been hard finding the motivation to pick up the guitar again, but there is no better time to start than now, and no greater opportunity than this one. I am excited to share this journey with you and I am hopeful that this will only be the start of a lifetime of learning!


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